One primary reason why option traders fail is the inability to fully understand and appreciate the many different types of risks to which they are exposed when they enter into an option strategy. Much of a trader’s initial education involves learning about these risks and their characteristics. And once he begins to trade he must be able to analyze, quantify, and interpret these risks.

OptionScape is a unique aid in helping a trader achieve these goals and thereby overcoming the obstacles to successful trading. OptionScape enables a trader to quickly see the risks to which he is exposed, not only under current market conditions, but also under a wide variety of changing conditions related to the underlying price, volatility, and time. Moreover, Optionscape can be an indispensable aid for an instructor in helping students understand the many aspects of option evaluation and risk management.

OptionScape is an invaluable tool for both new and experienced traders in identifying risk. Whether the strategy is simple, consisting of only a limited number of contracts, or complex, consisting of a broad range of contracts, OptionScape enables the user to see beforehand what changes will both help and hurt an option position, and the degree to which these changes will affect the position. Only through such analysis can a trader plan ahead, taking steps to limit losses when conditions move against him, or to maximize profits when conditions develop in his favor.